The former Clegg's Felt Factory
(originally Gateacre Brewery)
Gateacre Brow, Liverpool

May 2006

The Gateacre Society's further letter

Date: 1 June 2006
To: Mrs C Maher
Regeneration, Planning and Building Control
Liverpool City Council
Municipal Buildings
Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2DH

Dear Mrs Maher,

Application No.06F/0294

Thank you for your letter dated 9th May 2006 notifying the Gateacre Society of the amended drawings submitted in respect of the above application for Planning Permission. I have the following comments to make on behalf of the Society's Executive Committee:

1. All our representations on the original plans - as set out in my email of 27th February 2006 - still apply.

2. The amendments made to the scheme do not seem to take account of any of the objections raised by the Society or by local residents.

3. As far as we can tell from the drawings, the only significant modifications which have been made are:
(i) a change in the roof slopes of the proposed new apartment blocks,
(ii) the insertion of what appear to be 18 small square windows into the west elevation of Block 2,
(iii) the extension, in the direction of Sandfield Road, of Block 3 by putting the first/second floors on 'stilts' above the paved path, to create a sort of covered way at ground-floor level, and
(iv) changes to the west and south elevations of Block 3.

4. While the insertion of windows (if that is what they are) into the sandstone wall will reduce the 'blank' appearance of Block 2 when viewed from certain angles, it may give rise to new problems of overlooking of nearby properties and gardens.

5. The increase in floorspace of some of the new apartments in Block 3 can only increase the likelihood of them being occupied by two-car households, thus exacerbating the traffic and parking problems referred to in our original objections.

Please would you acknowledge receipt of this email, and notify me of any further amendments which may be made to the application drawings. As previously requested, please would you also notify me of the date of any Planning Committee meeting at which the application is to be discussed, and of your decision in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Chitty
(Environment Secretary, The Gateacre Society)

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