The former Clegg's Felt Factory
(originally Gateacre Brewery)
Gateacre Brow, Liverpool

July 2006

4) Design, scale and massing of the proposed new build elements

In light of the comments made above, which concluded that a level of enabling
development was required to generate sufficient financial funding for the
completion of the works to the Listed Buildings and that the proposal would
provide demonstrable regeneration benefits, the Planning Manager is of the
opinion that the principle of a new build residential accommodation on the site is

Relationship with existing buildings

The proposed new blocks would be positioned to the rear of the brewery and
No. 42 and located adjacent to the boundary with the properties fronting onto
Halewood Road. Despite the change in land levels between the site and
adjacent properties, the development fails to achieve UDP minimum interface
distances with the rear elevation of existing properties on Halewood Road. In
particular the relationship between the proposed development and the rear
elevation of St. Stephens Court on Halewood Road has been carefully
considered. The interface distance between these properties should ordinarily
have a distance of 18m between the gable of the development (referred to as
block 3 on the submitted plans) and the rear elevation of St Stephens Court,
rather than the proposed 14m. This interface distance has been increased from
the originally submitted proposal as a result of the second floor of the end of
block 3 being amended so that it now 'overhangs' the ground floor element of
the proposed building. Whilst this arrangement still does not achieve the
suggested interface distance, it is considered that the impact on the occupiers
of the residential accommodation in St Stephens Court would be lessened to an
extent that whilst the proposed building would be visible, it would not form an
overbearing feature which would be detrimental to the residential amenity of the
occupiers of the units within this property. The Planning Manager accepts that
the proposed development would obscure views that can presently be achieved
over the application site towards Sandfield Road, however under planning
legislation no person is entitled to a view.

With regard to the relationship between the proposed new build elements and
the surrounding residential properties outside the application site, the Planning
Manager is generally satisfied that the bearing in mind the oblique angles and
interface distances achieved, the proposal would not have an overbearing or
over dominant effect.

It should be noted that it is rarely possible in conservation areas to achieve
modern planning standards however, it is particularly difficult when dealing with
land locked infill sites of limited size, such as this site. The Planning Manager
considers that it is impossible to develop the application site to accord with all
minimum interface standards however is of the opinion that the scheme whilst
having some impact on adjacent properties, this impact would not be so
significant to warrant refusal of the redevelopment proposal on residential
amenity grounds.

Scale & Massing

Although the new apartment blocks are three storeys with an overall height of
9.8m, they are not dissimilar in height to the Listed Buildings which occupy the
frontage of the site. In this respect, the Planning Manger is of the opinion that
the new blocks do not over dominate the scale of the Listed Buildings and given
that the architectural composition is very different, they do not compete with the
Listed Buildings. Having regard to the gradient of the land which drops in a
south easterly direction towards the corner of the site, the height of the building
when viewed from Sandfield Road would appear lower and not disproportionate
with the Listed Buildings at the front of the site and the surrounding properties.
The use of a low pitched roof reduces the overall height of the building and
contributes to achieving a height of building which is not out of character with
the immediately adjacent properties.                                                       
continued . . .

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