The former Clegg's Felt Factory
(originally Gateacre Brewery)
Gateacre Brow, Liverpool

July 2006


1 - The development hereby permitted shall be commenced before the
expiration of 3 years from the date of this permission.
REASON: The time limit is imposed as provided for by Section 91 of the Town
and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended.

2 - Before any development commences, samples of the facing and roofing
materials to be used in the external construction of this development shall be
submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority.
REASON: To ensure a satisfactory external appearance.

3 - Approval of the following details shall be obtained from the local planning
authority and the development shall not commence until all the stated details
have been approved in writing, such approved details to be implemented in the
development hereby approved:-
(i) details of all new external doors and windows and alterations to existing
doors and windows, including cross sections drawings where necessary and
details of restricted openings for windows detailed in condition 4;
(ii) alterations to existing accesses;
(iii) external lighting scheme inclduing lux diagrams indicating that no adjacent
habitable room windows experience levels in excess of 6 lux;
(iv) metal gates at the entrance to the site;
(v) elevation details of the bin storage facilities;
(vi) elevation details of the cycle storage facilities;
(vii) treatment to land not built upon;
(viii) any alterations to existing boundaries or any new boundary treatments;
(ix) any cctv cameras.
REASON: These details are not included in the application and the Council
wishes to ensure that they are satisfactory.

4 - The small square windows in the west elevation of the new build apartment
block i.e facing side elevation of No. 11 Sandfield Road, and the windows in the
rear elevation the new build element facing the rear of properties on Halewood
Road (referred to as blocks 2 and 3 on Drg No. A2/04/032_104 Rev A) shall be
glazed and maintained thereafter in obscure glass to the satisfaction of the local
planning authority.
REASON: In the interests of the privacy of the neighbouring property.

5 - No development shall commence until the developer has provided
"Conservation Type" double yellow lines (i.e 50mm wide & primrose yellow in
colour) on both sides of Sandfield Road. The double yellow lines must start at
the junction of Gateacre Brow leading to Sandfield Road, taken around the
vehicular access to the back of footway of Lower Sandfield Road to prevent
further on street car parking on Sandfield Road. Such works shall be carried out
by the City Council and at nil cost to it.
REASON: To ensure road safety requirements are adhered to as it is public
domain and the developers activities cannot exclude the public outside the
development site.

6 - Prior to development commencing, a revised car parking layout shall be
submitted to and agreed in writing by the Planning Manager in conjunction with
the Highways Manager which indicates an increased turning head located
adjacent to the location of the proposed bin storage and block 2. Such approved
details should be implemented in accordance with the development hereby
REASON: The suggested turning head shown on the submitted plans is
considered to be insufficient to allow service vehciles to adequately manoeuvre
within the site and therefore the proposed landscaping should be eliminated in

order to acheive a satisfactory arrangement.

continued . . .

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