The former Clegg's Felt Factory
(originally Gateacre Brewery)
Gateacre Brow, Liverpool

July 2006

7 - Prior to the occupation of any of the flats all works shown on the approved
plans or specified in other conditions including the laying out of the car parking
and the installation of double yellow lines on both sides of Sandfield Road shall
be completed to the satisfaction of the Planning Manager (in conjunction with
the Highways Manager).
REASON: To ensure that adequate off street car parking provision is available
from the outset.

8 - Prior to work commencing on site full details of the number, size, species
and location of trees and shrubs to be planted and the treatment of all ground
surfaces not built upon shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the
local planning authority.
REASON: These details have not been submitted with the application and the
Council wishes to ensure they are satisfactory in the interests of visual amenity.

9 - (i) The approved landscaping scheme shall be completed either (a) not later
than the first planting season following completion of the development or (b)
during the appropriate planting season progressively as the development
proceeds, in accordance with a programme to be agreed in writing with the local
planning authority.
(ii) Any trees or shrubs which die, become diseased, damaged or are removed
within 3 years of planting shall be replaced with trees and shrubs of similar
sizes and species or as may otherwise be agreed with the local planning
authority in the first available planting season thereafter, all works to be carried
out to BS 4428: 1989 "Code of Practice for General Landscape Operation".
REASON: It is in the interests of visual amenity and in accordance with the duty
of the Council under Section 197 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 in
respect of the planting and preservation of trees.

10 - Notwithstanding the plans hereby approved, the render (shown white in the
submitted plans) on the elevation of block 2 facing Gateacre Brow shall be a
colour to be agreed in writing with the Planning Manager
REASON: The colour shown on the submitted plans is inappropriate and
therefore the Council wish to ensure that a more suitable colour of render is

11 - The developer shall until the completion of the development afford access
at all reasonable times to any archaeologist nominated by the local planning
authority and shall allow the observation of the excavations and the recording of
items of interest and finds. In connection with this, 4 weeks written notice shall
be given to the County Archaeologist before any works commence on site.
REASON: In order to ensure that any archaeological information revealed by
the development of the site is properly recorded.

12 - a) No part of the development hereby permitted shall commence until;
i) an investigation and assessment methodology including analysis suite and
risk assessment methodologies, has been agreed in writing prior to site
investigations by the Local Planning Authority.
ii) a site investigation and assessment has been carried out by appropriate
qualified and experienced personnel to determine the status of contamination
[including chemical, radiochemical, flammable or toxic gas, asbestos, biological
and physical hazards, other contamination] at the site and submitted to the
Local Planning Authority. The investigations and assessments shall be in
accordance with current Government and Environment Agency
recommendations and guidance and shall identify the nature and concentration
of any contaminants present, their potential for migration and risks associated
with them.
iii) a remediation scheme, which shall include an implementation timetable,
monitoring proposals and remediation validation methodology, has been agreed
in writing with the Local Planning Authority.

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