The former Clegg's Felt Factory
(originally Gateacre Brewery)
Gateacre Brow, Liverpool

18th July 2006

Local Residents
Three further long and detailed letters from two residents in Dale
Mews objecting on grounds of:
· Lack of parking;
· Increase in traffic congestion
· Inconsistencies in the traffic survey undertaken by the
Highways Manager
· Overcrowding and overlooking from proposed development
· Too many flats in Gateacre
· The external glazed stair is out of keeping with the general
· Impact on adjacent properties and use of obscure glazing to
reduce overlooking and overshadowing

and other issues outlined in the report.

A detailed letter from a resident of 36 Gateacre Brow objecting
on grounds of:
· Height of proposed building inconsistent with surrounding
area causing overshadowing and overlooking
· Too many flats in Gateacre
· Increase in traffic congestion

and other issues outlined in the report.

A detailed letter from two residents of St Stephens Court,
Halewood Road, objecting on grounds of:
· Objections within the planning officer's report trivialised
together with misleading plans in relation to the application
· Proximity of proposed development to St Stephen's Court
including overshadowing
· Inappropriate design and materials
· Unrealistic enabling figures and questioning why no other
form of enabling considered.

Save Our City Campaign
Further letter of objection on grounds of:
· Overcrowded and restricted site
· Impact on listed buildings
· Poor design of new build
· Loss of privacy

Gateacre Society
Lengthy and detailed letter from the Gateacre Society objecting
on the grounds:
· Unsympathetic proposed materials
· Lack of car parking
· Concern about unauthorised egress into Gateacre Brow
· Lack of proposals for land adjacent to Lower Sandfield
· Poor enabling justification for new build.

continued . . .

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