The former Clegg's Felt Factory
(originally Gateacre Brewery)
Gateacre Brow, Liverpool

October 2015

By 2012 Phases 1 and 2 of the redevelopment had been completed, and the apartments within and adjoining the former Brewery building were occupied. The development had been named 'Brewery Gardens', and the March 2012 Newsletter of the Gateacre Society contained a Progress Report by co-owner Sue Friar.

In 2013 Application Ref. 13F/1537 was submitted "to erect 9 apartments (variation to planning permission 06F/0294)". Mike and Sue Friar explained the reason for this in the Gateacre Society's July 2013
Newsletter. However this planning application was Withdrawn in September 2013.

In 2015 a very similar planning application was submitted - ref. 15F/2296 - to erect a three-storey block of 9 apartments at the rear of the site. The Gateacre Society, and local residents, objected
to various aspects of this proposal. In July 2016 the plans were modified.

Proposed West Elevation
of new apartment block
Application 15F/2296


Proposed Site Plan

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Block 02
Ground Floor Plan

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