The former Clegg's Felt Factory
(originally Gateacre Brewery)
Gateacre Brow, Liverpool

March 2005

The Gateacre Society's response

Members of the Gateacre Society's Committee were given a preview of the plans on 7th March 2005, when the architect and the owner's representative showed them round the building and described what was being proposed. The Society's March 2005 Newsletter encouraged all members of the Society to study the planning application drawings - reference number 05F/0664 - and to send the City Council any comments.

The Society's May 2005 Newsletter reported that "strong objections have been lodged by residents of Dale Mews (who are concerned that Sandfield Road will be unable to cope with the extra traffic from 30+ apartments) and St Stephens Court (who are worried about overlooking and overshadowing)".

The Society's Committee discussed the plans at its meeting on 10th May 2005 and, after a lengthy and detailed discussion, decided to submit an objection to several aspects of the proposal.

The full text of the Gateacre Society's
objection letter is reproduced here

The Planning Application Withdrawn

The Gateacre Society's July 2005 Newsletter reported that "The application to convert the (Listed) Cleggs Building into flats, and to build new blocks to the rear, was WITHDRAWN by the applicant on 13th June. While welcoming the conversion plan, we had lodged an objection to the overall number of apartments proposed, and to the design and materials of the new blocks. We understand that the architects are in the process of modifying the plans, so as to reduce the number of dwelling units and to use the existing Gateacre Brow gateway as an entry (though not exit) point for vehicles."

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