Pine Trees in Hunts Cross Avenue,
Gateacre, Liverpool:
The GONW Decision Letter
11 February 2004 (continued)

8. For the reasons given above the Secretary of State hereby allows your appeal and grants consent for the felling of the two pine trees the subject of your appeal. However this consent is subject to the following conditions: -

(i) within twelve months of the trees being felled, two 150-200cm high root balled Corsican pine trees shall be planted in a location within the rear garden in a position to be agreed in writing with the local planning authority; and

(ii) if within a period of two years from the date of planting, either of the trees are removed, uprooted, destroyed or die, other trees of the same size and species shall be planted at the same place as soon as practicable.

9. A separate note is attached setting out the circumstances in which the validity of the Secretary of State's decision may be challenged by making an application to the High Court.

10. I am sending a copy of this letter to Liverpool City Council.

Yours faithfully

(Sgd) Alastair Bishop

Authorised by the Secretary of State to sign in that behalf

The Arboriculturist's report . . .

These web pages have been created by the Gateacre Society to publicise a Planning Appeal decision and report issued by the Government Office for the North West on 11 February 2004

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