Among  recent proposals in our area are the following:
Stanley Racing, 181 Grange Lane (Application Ref. 99P/2415). To replace shop frontage and night-security perforated shutter.
89 Gateacre Park Drive (Ref. 99P/2541). To change use of premises from children's play centre to restaurant.
31 Sandfield Road (Ref. 99H/2644). To replace existing windows with double-glazed windows.
21 Grange Weint (Ref. 99F/2776). To erect a bungalow in rear garden (renewal of planning permission 95P/0960).
Former Newforge Foods, Belle Vale Road (Ref. 00O/0029). Outline Application to develop site for Class A1 (Retail) foodstore, petrol filling station, car parking and servicing arrangements, with new access to Besford Road (re-submission of application 99P/0144).
We have lodged an objection to the Gateacre Park Drive application, arguing that the opening of another restaurant in this area will increase the late-night noise nuisance suffered by local residents, and will reduce the daytime attractiveness of the parade to shoppers.
We shall be reiterating our objection to certain aspects of the Newforge proposal: namely the petrol filling station (which we feel is too close to residential properties), the loss of landscaping in Besford Road, and the lack of a direct pedestrian route from the Redwood estate/South Station Road footpath to the new store entrance.

The cover of this month's Newsletter features an extract from the 1851 edition of the Ordnance Survey six-inch map. The previous issue featured the 1936 edition of the 1:2500 scale map. Despite the 'fuzzy' quality of some of our archive copies, maps are one of the best sources of local history, and we are always on the lookout for more. If you have - or know of anyone else who has - old maps of Gateacre which we could borrow and copy, please contact any Committee member.


After several years of pressure from ourselves and other groups, Liverpool City Council has appointed a full-time Public Rights of Way Officer. His job is to publish the Definitive Map: a legal record of every public right of way that exists in Liverpool. The officer has been checking through various archives looking for evidence: and in the records of Widnes Corporation, for example, he has found proof that the paths across Lee Park Golf Course are public rights of way. If you are concerned to ensure that any particular footpath is registered as a right of way, please contact our Environment Secretary Mike Chitty; or phone Andrew Ventin - the Council's Rights of Way Officer - direct on 233 5424. Note that rights of way within the built-up area will normally be put on the map only if they run across privately-owned land, or have not been 'adopted' by the Council.

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