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Following a spate of recent rumours, we have contacted the estate agents who are handling the sale of Gateacre Grange. In response, they say:
"We confirm that we are very close to finalising a disposal of the building. The proposed purchase is not subject to any particular conditions and therefore we are not able to be specific as to the future proposed use although we understand it to involve a proposed conversion to residential use."
Last summer, we were sent a copy of the City Planning Department's 'development brief'. This included the following guidelines for all prospective purchasers:
"(i) The demolition of Gateacre Grange or any of the other buildings will not be supported.
(ii) No extensions to the main house will be permitted. Minor extensions to the other buildings will be considered on their merits.
(iii) The selective demolition of non-original extensions will be supported (i.e. the single-storey entrance to the east elevation of the main house and the porches to staff house and the lodge.
(iv) The further subdivision of rooms within the main house and Barclay House, particularly those which retain their architectural features, would not be supported.
(v) The removal of non-original partitions would be welcomed as would the reinstatement of original windows, features, etc.

(vi) The reinstatement of the original glasshouse would be acceptable in principle.
(vii) Redevelopment within the gardens will not be permitted as this would affect the setting of the listed building, the character of the conservation area, the amenity of nearby residents and would be contrary to green space policy.
(viii) Severance in terms of ownership is not generally acceptable due to its likely adverse effect on the long-term future of the site. Barclay House could be considered as a separate site, with the original boundaries rebuilt, provided that any profit from the sale was used to restore the other buildings. This would be subject to all other planning issues being resolved and the applicant entering into a Legal Agreement.
(ix) No other physical severance of the site by the erection of walls/fences would be acceptable."

Our front cover picture
The illustration advertising our March talk is reproduced from 'Building News' of 7th September 1877. It shows the newly-completed Walker Art Gallery: which was, of course, the gift of the wealthy brewer Andrew Barclay Walker (of Gateacre Grange). As Stephen Guy will reveal on Tuesday 28th, there are still some individual benefactors around, willing to contribute to the 'NMGM 2001' appeal: but the bulk of the £34 million museum and gallery expansion project will be funded by the National Lottery.

See our September 2000 Newsletter for latest news about Gateacre Grange

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