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We have identified 21 possible additional public rights of way in the Gateacre area, for inclusion on the definitive map which is being prepared by the City Council. The Council's Rights of Way Officer is currently investigating these, and we are encouraged by his obvious enthusiasm for the job and efficiency in contacting the various landowners and other interested parties.
Meanwhile, the Council has advertised the proposed stopping up of the footpath which leads from Halewood Road (opposite the Turners Court retirement flats) to Broad Hey Close, which is a cul-de-sac off Hunts Cross Avenue. This closure was apparently requested by residents of Broad Hey Close, but will inconvenience the many people who find it a useful 'short cut' away from the traffic of Halewood Road. The proposed closure was brought to our attention many months ago, and the Society's Committee decided to oppose the plan. The grounds of our objection are:

  • The footpath is well used, especially by parents and pupils walking to and from Woolton County Primary School but also by shoppers en route for Sainsburys supermarket.

  • The alternative route via Orient Drive and Hunts Cross Avenue is less direct and less pleasant.

  • To close a useful path such as this would be contrary to national and local policies which aim to encourage walking as a means of transport for short journeys.

  • To close this path might set a precedent which could threaten other, similar, paths in the Gateacre area.

If you wish to register your own objection to the planned closure - and if this Newsletter reaches you in time - you should attend Magistrates Court No.15 at Crown Buildings, Victoria Street, Liverpool, at 1.45 p.m. on Thursday 11th May. A date will then be arranged for the full hearing of objections. Otherwise, please contact our Environment Secretary, Mike Chitty for details of how to object - or if you are concerned about any other threatened or neglected public rights of way.

We are trying get the Loop Line bridges repaired and repainted: notably the one in Belle Vale Road.

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