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How Liverpool got its water
An illustrated talk by Peter Cahill: Tuesday 18th July

Two hundred years ago the prohibitive cost of water, together with its poor quality, were responsible for much illness and disease in Liverpool. Two private companies were set up to supply piped water, but the rapid expansion in population in the 1840s and the high incidence of illness and premature death associated with lack of adequate water led to the Corporation Water Works being formed and the private companies purchased. Even the Corporation struggled for much of the nineteenth century to provide adequate supplies to its customers.
Peter Cahill is a senior North West Water manager who has made a personal study of early water supply in Liverpool. His talk will be illustrated with slides made from archive photographs and drawings.
Venue: Gateacre Chapel Hall, Sandfield Road, Liverpool 25, starting at 8 p.m.

(Above: Dudlow Lane water pumping station, Woolton Road)

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