A planning application has been submitted (ref. 00F/1058) to convert the former 'electric lighting station' in Sandfield Road into 7 residential apartments. The building is currently used as a bedroom furniture workshop, having for many years been an Education Department warehouse. The inscription 'A D 1898 L D L Co Lmtd' is a reminder of its origins, generating electric power (from coal) for the Liverpool District Lighting Company, and so enabling the residents of the 'big houses' in Gateacre to be among the first to enjoy the new form of lighting.

We very much welcome the proposed refurbishment and conversion of the building - and the demolition of the more recent southern extension - but, like the residents of Sandfield Road, we are worried that the existing car parking and access problems in the road will be exacerbated. We have written to the Council suggesting that only 6 apartments should be allowed (with 9 off-street parking spaces) and also that the design and materials of the new south elevation should be modified to match the existing building.

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