DO now, ASK later

During the weekend of 20th May, a part of the green field alongside Gateacre Comprehensive School's swimming pool in Grange Lane was fenced off. On 22nd May work began on laying a tarmac car park and the foundations for new temporary classrooms. On 25th May, local residents received letters from the City Planning Department, telling them that an application had been submitted to carry out the work, and inviting comments by 12th June! The residents' protests got front-page coverage in Merseymart, and we added our voice to their concerns about the loss of officially-designated Green Space.

Planning permission has now been granted (retrospectively) but on condition that the site is returned to its original condition ('i.e. grass turfed') by mid-2002. The reason for the classrooms is the closure of Lee Manor school, which will increase Gateacre's pupil numbers this September from 1,350 to 1,700. Over £3 million is being spent on two permanent new buildings, and on improvements to the existing school, and when this work is completed the temporary classrooms will be dismantled. The School's Headmaster has been very co-operative, having invited nearby residents to a special meeting to discuss the plans. He is aware of the existing traffic problems in Grange Lane, and would very much welcome suggestions for improvement.

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