Bass Leisure Retail have submitted a listed building consent application (ref. 00L/1633) and a planning application (00F/1664) to "carry out internal and external alterations and erect an extension to the public house". The main proposal is the conversion and extension of the beer/bottle store behind the wooden gates - to the right of the front door - to form a lounge, with an entrance porch immediately behind the gates (see picture). The application shows the function rooms at the rear being converted to storage/kitchen use, and states that the 'effective drinking area' will only be slightly increased. (Presumably, though, they are expecting more customers, to make the expenditure worthwhile). We have written to Bass Leisure asking for more information on what is being proposed for the interior of the pub, and also asking to be consulted on any plans for re-laying the cobbled forecourt.

The plans for the above proposal may be viewed at the City Council's Planning Department on the 2nd floor of Millennium House, 60 Victoria Street, Liverpool L1 6JF. Any comments should be sent to the same address. Although the official deadline is 19th September, it is unlikely that letters received shortly after this date will be ignored by the Council.

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