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The 27th Annual General Meeting of the Gateacre Society will be held on TUESDAY 23rd OCTOBER 2001, starting at 8 p.m., in the Chapel Hall, Sandfield Road, Liverpool 25. The purpose of the meeting is to receive the Annual Report, approve the Accounts, and elect the Society's Officers and other Committee members for the coming year. Please do your best to attend this important meeting. Nominations for election to the Committee will be accepted on the night, or may be sent in advance to

We hope to make this year's A.G.M. a bit special by expanding it into a Memorabilia Evening. Beryl Plent will be bringing along a selection of the Society's archive photographs of Gateacre, and we hope that other members (and their guests) will come equipped with pictures, old documents, family mementoes or simply reminiscences of Gateacre people and places. Many of our recently-joined members are new to the area and, we are sure, will be interested to hear about how the village has changed within living memory.

Please arrive promptly so that we can get the business meeting over with, and leave as much time as possible for this display and discussion (plus, of course, the usual A.G.M. refreshments!).

The illustration above is a postcard view of Gateacre village green and the Wilson Memorial, circa 1910. The old Gateacre Station can be seen in the distance.

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