Another footpath threatened?

We have previously reported that some of our local public rights of way have been extinguished: i.e. Broad Hey Close (July 2000
Newsletter), and Ashton Square (September 2001). Further closures have been proposed, in an attempt to 'prevent' - or, more probably, divert - the anti-social behaviour by a small minority of young people which is, unfortunately, a fact of modern life.

The latest example is the path which connects Sandfield Road with Glenville Close, and which also forms part of a very pleasant, convenient and relatively traffic-free route for pedestrians between Woolton and Gateacre villages, linking (amongst other destinations) Sainsburys supermarket, Woolton Primary and Gateacre Comprehensive Schools. We managed to avert a similar threat to this path several years ago, with the assistance of our then local councillors, and since that time it has been re-surfaced and improved. However, we understand that, following receipt of a petition from local residents, the Council has recently undertaken pedestrian counts to find out how well the path is used. The next step will be to officially advertise the proposed closure, and invite objections.

If you have any views to express, or simply wish to be kept informed, please contact our member Mr Ellis Venables: tel. 428 4167. We hope to convince the Council of the value of this long-established right of way, before they spend (our) money on the necessary legal processes. It would therefore be a great help if regular users of the path could write to Mr Brian Mason, of Liverpool City Council's Road and Transport Division, at Millennium House, Victoria Street, Liverpool L1 6JS, as soon as possible - and send a copy, please, to Mr Venables at 10 Gateacre Rise, L25 5LA.

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