A Right of Way retained

We were pleased to receive a letter from Liverpool City Council in late February, confirming that it does not intend to proceed with the closure of the footpath leading from Sandfield Road to Glenville Close (see our November 2001 Newsletter). The letter states:

"There are several reasons to support this decision, however the most important issue which stands out during our consultation is the fact that the footpath serves as an integral link for the local community. It is also very important to stress that pupils from both Gateacre Comprehensive and Woolton Primary Schools utilise the footpath as a safe route to school, a policy which is actively promoted by the City Council. Also, it is clearly evident from letters received from local residents that the footpath serves as a vital link for them to commute between Woolton and Gateacre Villages. It is worth mentioning that current legislation does not allow for a public highway to be closed on the grounds of anti-social behaviour and it would therefore be difficult for the Highway Authority to justify this case in the Magistrates Court."

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