JUBILEE DAYS in Gateacre

On Tuesday 24th May 1887
, Sir Andrew Barclay Walker presented the Gateacre Institute, the Village Green and a bronze bust of Queen Victoria to the people of Gateacre, to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. This is how the Liverpool Daily Post described the scene:
"The village was tastefully and elaborately decorated. The village green was literally covered with flags, and the different thoroughfares were spanned with numerous streamers, while from almost every house bunting was profusely displayed. The decorations in front of the Bull Hotel were most attractive. The front of the building was covered with evergreens, in which were interwoven with leaves the following words 'God bless our Queen'. From several other large buildings appropriate mottoes were exhibited, and no matter from which direction the village was entered, the spectacle was exceedingly pleasing and gay."

, the Gateacre Society will be marking the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II with an event on the same Village Green, alongside the bust of Queen Victoria. We cannot reproduce the pomp, pageantry and splendour of the 1887 event -  though reprints of the full Daily Post article will be on sale! We shall, however, be celebrating the Society's achievements, promoting our aims and activities, recruiting new members, and offering a range of merchandise for sale: Gateacre Village tea towels, framed pictures of old Gateacre scenes, various historical publications, hand-crafted scarves and woollen dolls, together with a selection of plants and secondhand books, etc.  We hope that as many people as possible will come and see us - between 11am and 4pm. (In the event of inclement weather, an alternative venue will be signposted).


of books, videos and CDs for the secondhand stall will be very welcome. Bring them along to the Green on 18th May (10.30-11.30am), to our meeting in the Chapel Hall on 21st May (8pm), or contact Mrs Eryl Chitty who is co-ordinating the event and will be pleased to arrange collection or advise on delivery.

are also needed to man the various stalls on the day. The more people we have, the easier it will be for those involved. Even if you have never helped us before, please think about supporting this very special event. Eryl Chitty is drawing up the list of volunteers - so please contact her if you are willing to be included.

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