Q. When is a Takeaway not a Takeaway?

A. When it's the 'Rising Sun Cafe'?

A banner has recently appeared on the gable-end wall of 185 Grange Lane, advertising the premises as an 'English & Chinese - Café - Take Away'. Yet when the planning application was submitted (see our March Newsletter) the applicant described it as "Breakfast and coffee shop 8am-7pm only, serving breakfast and snacks inside the shop (NOT a Fish & Chips shop or Takeaway)".

Further along the same wall, a large, obtrusive metal vent pipe has also recently been installed. Yet the planning permission, granted in April, stated explicitly that "Working drawings of all external ventilation or similar systems, including colour of coatings, shall be approved by the local planning authority before work commences bearing in mind the location of the premises within the Gateacre Village Conservation Area". We are currently trying to find out whether such approval has, in fact, been given.

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