Pines under threat AGAIN

The owner of the as-yet uncompleted house in Hunts Cross Avenue (north of Hollytree Road) is making a further attempt to fell two of the large pine trees at the rear of the property. He has submitted an arboriculturist's report which acknowledges that 'they are both of high amenity value and their loss will be felt by a wide number of residents in the area'. The report also states that 'the development should have been moved back by a substantial amount to take into consideration the size and prominence of these two trees'.
This was exactly what we said when the plans for the house were first submitted for approval in 1996 (and revised in 1998) - but the Council's planning officers assured us that there would be no problem and imposed conditions to protect the trees during the construction phase. The fact that these conditions were not enforced - and perhaps that the position of the proposed house was wrongly indicated on the submitted drawings - does not seem to us a valid reason for allowing the destruction of such fine specimens.

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