Forthcoming events:


13th-14th September

Each September the Civic Trust encourages the owners of historic properties throughout the country to open their doors to the public free of charge.
This year the Gateacre Society has arranged for 28a-d Gateacre Brow (the black-and-white building on the corner of Sandfield Road) to be part of this scheme. We are grateful to the owner, Mr Alan Hutchinson, for allowing us to welcome visitors on SATURDAY 13th SEPTEMBER between 11am and 4pm, and to explain the historical and architectural significance of the building (see overleaf).

Gateacre Chapel,
next door, will be open to visitors at the same time (11am-4pm on the Saturday) and there will be refreshments available in the Chapel Hall. On Sunday 14th September there will be a '1700 style' service - open to all, period costume optional - starting at 11am.

28a-d Gateacre Brow

This intriguing building on the corner of Sandfield Road was designed in 1889 by W. Aubrey Thomas - who later went on to design the Royal Liver Building and other Liverpool landmarks.

It originally housed a telephone exchange on the first floor, above a shop which later became a branch of Parrs Bank.

Although the present-day interior is of little historic interest, we feel sure that members will appreciate the opportunity to visit this Grade II listed building - which is now the head office of Mr Alan Hutchinson's asbestos removal company - at the heart of the Gateacre Village Conservation Area.

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