Site of Hillside & Atalaya, Gateacre Brow:
Front elevation of the proposed flats reproduced by permission of LDP Architects, Liverpool.


The boom in the local property market is being reflected in further planning applications for residential development in Gateacre village.

Application 03O/2203 seeks permission for a two-storey block of 10 flats on the site of Michael Taylor Cars at 167-169 Grange Lane, following demolition of the existing petrol station buildings. The application is for outline planning permission, so there are no drawings of the proposed elevations, and no details of the exact siting of the new block.

Application 03F/2571 is for a three-storey block of 12 apartments on the site of Hillside and Atalaya at the top of Gateacre Brow, following demolition of these two existing houses. The submitted drawings show a bulky-looking building in the style of a Georgian/Victorian stepped terrace (see picture on right, reproduced by permission of the architects), with 17 car parking spaces behind.

Any comments on either of these proposals should be addressed, without delay, to the City Council's Planning & Building Control Department, P.O.Box 88, Municipal Buildings, Liverpool L69 2DH. For further details phone 0151-233 5641.

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