A NEW U.D.P. for Liverpool

The letters UDP stand for 'Unitary Development Plan': the document - a map of the city plus a set of written policies - which will form the basis of future planning decisions in Liverpool. We do, in fact, already have a UDP (the Gateacre Society having been among the organisations and individuals who commented on it when it was first drafted) but it took eight years to produce and is, as a result, out of date. Now the Council's planning officers are working on a replacement - and are hoping that this time the job will be completed both more quickly and more in line with what the people of Liverpool actually want.

An 'Issues Paper' has been published, and a 'Response Booklet' which invites answers to a whole series of questions on topics such as housing, the city centre, transport, economic regeneration and the environment. There will also be a series of public meetings and 'workshops' at which local people can put forward their points of view. The one for Gateacre (also covering Netherley and Woolton) will take place on Tuesday 21st January, starting at 6 pm, at the Millennium Centre, Childwall Valley Road, L25: the new building to the west of the Belle Vale Road traffic lights.

Anyone interested is invited to attend
- or to contact Mike Eccles at the City Council for further details: phone 233 5653, e-mail

You can download copies of the
UDP Issues Paper and Response Booklet
from the Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council
invites you to a
on Tuesday 21st January
at the Millennium Centre, Belle Vale,
starting at 6 pm

This event - which is expected to last about two hours - forms part of the public consultation process on the city's new Unitary Development Plan. (See above for further details).
Depending on numbers, up to three groups of local residents will work on a large format map of the Gateacre area. They will be asked to identify those things which they dislike or consider a weakness of the area, and those things which they value and consider a strength. Finally, they will be asked to suggest ways of dealing with the dislikes, and making the good things better - or perhaps something entirely different to bring positive change to the area.

If you are interested in the future of Liverpool,
visit the Liverpool Future

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