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Last December we contacted Merseytravel with three separate enquiries:

Q1. When will the promised improvements be carried out to the Belle Vale (Hedgefield Road) bus facility? Will these include the provision of timetables in the correct locations, and maps showing which services go where?
Q2. Will the forthcoming EU-funded improvements to the 89 bus service also include the provision of Real-Time Passenger Information displays for route 174 in Gateacre Village? ('Real time' displays are radio-controlled and indicate what time the next bus will actually arrive, rather than what time it is due).
Q3. Why has there been such a lengthy delay in the replacement of the bus stops and shelters in Rose Brow, following the completion of the mini-roundabout scheme?

We finally managed to get some answers to these questions in March and April:

A1. The Belle Vale scheme is currently being implemented. It will include access kerbs, new pedestrian signs and information boards, including a local area map.
A2. Merseytravel have not yet taken 'a fundamental decision' on RTPI along the 89 route but 'clearly the 2 bus stops in Gateacre Village which are also serviced by the 173/174 would be a candidate'.
A3. Two new 'fully accessible' shelters, with seating lighting and information, will be installed in Rose Brow by mid-June. They will be 'in our conservation colours, with grey being predominant'. (No explanation of the delay was offered, however).

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