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A COACH TRIP TO LEEDS on Saturday 21st May
Following our very successful joint outing to Nottingham last summer, the Wavertree Society has arranged another trip, this time to Leeds where we shall be the guests of the Leeds Civic Trust. The pattern will be similar to last year - with an introductory tour of the city and guided walks provided by our hosts - but we are assured that plenty of free time will also be allowed for shopping! The coach will leave from Gateacre village at about 8.45/9 a.m., and return by about 7 p.m. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible. Please note that the trip is open to paid-up Wavertree/Gateacre Society members only, and the cost is £10 per person (payable in advance).

This summer marks the 60th anniversary of the ending of the Second World War.
A number of commemorative events are being staged nationally in July, and local communities are being encouraged to organise their own activities. Particular emphasis is being put on the bringing together of the generations - the passing on of the memories of those who lived through the war to the children and young people of today.
The Friends of Gateacre are co-ordinating this in our area, and have the support of the Gateacre Institute, Woolton Conservative Club and Gateacre Chapel, as well as local youth groups and schools. We in the Gateacre Society have been asked to put together a 'Gateacre in Wartime' display of photographs and memorabilia, but as yet we are very short of suitable material.
If you can help, please contact us
as soon as possible.

An outline planning application (ref. 04O/4590) was submitted in December to build a house alongside 16 Blackwood Avenue, and to relocate the existing electricity substation. We objected to this proposal (which was additional to the already-approved new house between No.14 and No.16) because of its potential impact on the adjacent woodland area, designated as Green Space in the city's Unitary Development Plan. Later we were pleased to hear that the application had been refused.

In conjunction with the Friends of Gateacre, we are planning a major door-to-door delivery and publicity exercise within the next three months. If you would be willing to help with this - or with any of our other administrative tasks -
please contact us

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