Other items from our July Newsletter

A public inquiry took place on 21st June, to hear objections to the City Council's new Definitive Map of rights of way. Altogether six of the proposed paths were challenged, including the long-standing right of way from Grange Weint to Cuckoo Lane. The objection was on the grounds of anti-social behaviour, but we submitted a written statement drawing the Inspector's attention to the value of the path as a traffic-free short cut for schoolchildren, shoppers, bus passengers and local residents.

We asked a firm of stonemasons to give us an estimate of the cost of restoring the former drinking fountain at the corner of Grange Lane and Gateacre Brow. This restoration work was to include the removal of the unsightly concrete 'plug' which had been inserted, many years ago, into the sandstone basin. But before we knew it, the firm phoned to say that they had gone ahead (without asking anyone's permission) and taken the concrete out. This revealed that the stone basin itself was quite badly damaged, and we are currently discussing what to do next. Meanwhile, the Friends of Gateacre have filled the basin with compost and turned it into an attractive floral feature - which Mr Moran, of Moran Sound across the road, has kindly kept watered.

An enthusiastic group of pupils from Gateacre Comprehensive School gave the bust of Queen Victoria her annual wash and brush-up on 19th May. We are hoping that the pupils will return this month to apply the special microcrystalline wax - kindly supplied to us by the Conservation Centre in Whitechapel - which will prevent the bronze developing verdigris.

Thanks to a grant obtained by the Friends of Gateacre, we have had 5,000 copies of a leaflet printed, containing a potted history of Gateacre, a map of the village and pictures of some of its historic buildings. The idea is that 3,000 of these will be distributed door-to-door, free of charge, within the area around the village centre, and the remainder made available at meetings and via local shops, etc. (Gateacre Society members living outside the village distribution area can expect to receive a copy with their September Newsletter).

If you are willing to join the team of volunteers who will be delivering the leaflets - some time in early August - please contact Lynn Cheng as soon as possible.

The Millennium Centre at Belle Vale has held three very successful meetings, and built up a database of over 100 former residents of the prefab estate which used to exist just north of Belle Vale Road. They are collecting memories of the area, and 22nd July will be a 'bring and scan' day when anyone with old photographs of the estate can take them in and have them transferred to the Project's computer. There will be another meeting at 7 p.m. on 25th August, which anyone interested is invited to attend.

For further details of the Prefab Project please phone Celia Kelly at
Lee Valley DISC on 0151-288 8326.

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