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A Doorway Saved - A Time Capsule Found

In our May 2003 Newsletter, we reported that we had persuaded Bellway Homes to salvage an old stone doorcase - including a lintel dated 1652 - when the former Gateacre Hall Hotel was demolished. This historic feature has now been re-erected within the grounds of the new apartments (Woodsome Park) which have been built on the site, and we are planning an 'unveiling' ceremony in October to publicise it.

What we had not anticipated was that, when the demolition team came to remove the old stonework from inside the hotel, they discovered a 'time capsule'. This was a glass jar stuffed with documents which had been hidden there in 1881, when alterations were being carried out to what was then a private house occupied by Mr George Hunter Robertson. Among these documents - which the finder has kindly donated to the Gateacre Society for safe keeping - are copies of the Liverpool Daily Post, the New York Weekly Herald and a Cheshire Lines railway timetable, together with a pen-and-ink drawing of the old doorway and  a fascinating handwritten account of life in Gateacre in 1881 by Mr Robertson's two teenage sons.

We shall be putting this material on display at our A.G.M. on 25th October, but meanwhile anyone who would like to come along to the unveiling ceremony - which we hope will be covered by the local media - should contact Beryl Plent
for a personal invitation.

Gateacre Chapel News:
Sunday 9th October

A very special event for families, starting with a multi-faith service and ending with hands-on activities in the Chapel Hall. See local publicity for further details.

History on your Doormat?

Almost 3,000 copies of our 'History on your Doorstep' leaflet - see last Newsletter - were distributed by the Friends of Gateacre in mid-August. All members of the Gateacre Society  should also be receiving a free copy. The remaining copies will be on sale on Heritage Open Day and at our future meetings, price 20p each.

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