'Friends of Gateacre' -
Making Plans for 2005

The Committee which was set up to mastermind Gateacre in Bloom 2004 continues to meet every few weeks, and has a number of projects lined up for the coming year. Apart from the winter planting of tubs which has already taken place, there are plans for a map/leaflet featuring the history and 'sights' of the village, a Gateacre Gardens competition, a black-and-white chain fence around the Green in Grange Lane/Gateacre Brow - and, of course, a bigger and better Gateacre in Bloom 2005. The Friends are looking for local residents willing to help with these and other specific projects, and will be distributing a leaflet door-to-door appealing for volunteers.

Christmas Lights

The Friends of Gateacre arranged the installation of Christmas trees on local business premises in November/December. Unfortunately the work was delayed, through no fault of theirs, but now that the brackets are in place (paid for by the Friends) it should be a simpler matter to organise future displays. The possibility of lights on the Green is also being investigated, though this is likely to cost much more than the funds currently available.

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