Some other items from our May Newsletter


We are currently pursuing a number of projects on and around the village green at Grange Lane/Gateacre Brow. These include:

  • the removal of verdigris from the bronze bust of Queen Victoria, and repair of the granite plinth;

  • the restoration of the water supply to the Wilson Memorial Fountain, and repair of the sandstone font; and

  • the installation of a cast metal 'lectern' containing a map and details of the many nearby historic buildings.

At the moment we are in the process of obtaining cost estimates for the work involved, and identifying possible sources of funding.

The January Newsletter invited members to let us know if they wished to receive Newsletters by email, in future, instead of by post. So far just 8 out of our mailing-list of over 200 households have opted for this form of communication. If more members agreed, then we could potentially save a considerable amount of money on postage and printing - and, while we are unable to offer a concessionary subscription rate, those people on the email list get their news from the Society a day or two earlier than the rest of the membership.
If you are a paid-up member and you wish to
receive future Newsletters electronically,
please send a simple message to this special address

(remembering to give us your surname and postcode so that we
can identify you and remove your name from our postal list).


If the Gateacre Society is to continue to thrive, we need more members - and, in particular, more Committee members - who are willing to help share the load organising events and activities, and assisting both with specific projects and with general administration. To find out what is involved, please contact any existing Officer (see back page). We shall be pleased to invite prospective Committee members to attend one of our meetings, which take place on Tuesday evenings about every 5-6 weeks.

As mentioned in the January Newsletter, we have recently changed our distribution arrangements, as a result of which our postage costs have increased quite considerably. The Society's Committee has discussed the financial consequences, and has decided to increase our basic subscription rates by £1 per annum, while at the same time abolishing the 'postal surcharge' which formerly applied to members living outside the local area. With immediate effect, the Society's annual subscription rates will therefore be as follows: £3 for a single-pensioner household, £4 for any other type of household, and £6 for 'company/group' membership. Existing members who have not yet paid their subscription for the current year (2005/06) will be allowed to renew - for one year only - at the old rates.
We hope members will agree that the new rates still offer good value for money, bearing in mind that admission to our talks remains free of charge to paid-up members.

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