(See our April Newsletter for more details of all these proposals)

Gateacre Park Drive shops
In our comments to the Council on the redevelopment plan, we expressed particular concern that the existing mix of shops and service uses within the centre should be retained. Outline planning permission was granted on 12th June, subject to a number of conditions. The main one is that the non-food portion of the scheme shall consist of a number of small units - which 'shall reflect the current uses in the centre' - rather than a single large store. The foodstore element shown on the original plan has been reduced in size, and will now be no bigger than the existing (though closed) KwikSave building.

Gateacre Comp site, Grange Lane
In our comments to the Council on the outline housing plan, we suggested that the proposed 'amenity space' at the north end of the site - which was stated as being for 'passive recreational use' only - should be integrated with and managed as part of the playing fields behind, and that a number of smaller amenity areas should be created within the housing development. This would have the dual benefit of allowing the preservation of some of the existing cherry trees, and reducing the overall number of new dwellings. We have also requested further consultation with local residents on the future use of the playing fields. A decision on the planning application is still awaited.

Blackwood Avenue phone mast

The applicants (T-Mobile) have appealed to the government against the City Council's refusal of planning permission. We have written to the Planning Inspectorate reiterating our objection to the plan, which we feel would spoil the vista of mature beech trees which is currently enjoyed by travellers heading south-east along Woolton Road.

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