Some other items from our September Newsletter


Among the planning applications recently discussed by our Committee have been the following:

BELLE VALE SHOPPING CENTRE. Application 07F/1530 to extend and alter the existing rooftop retail unit for leisure purposes, and to re-model the shopping centre's atrium. This is all part of the new owners' plan to regenerate the centre and make it more attractive to prospective tenants, and we had no objection. Permission was granted by the City Council on 2nd August.

SMITHY COTTAGE NURSERY. Application 07F/1855 to allow an increase in number of children to be accommodated from 32 to 42. (Permission having been granted only in February 2007 to increase the number from 22 to 32). We objected to this latest proposal, owing to the safety hazard and nuisance which is likely to be caused by cars parking near to the corner of Cuckoo Lane - exacerbating the existing obstacle course of parked vehicles, wheelie bins and cobbles which currently has to be negotiated by pedestrians walking along Rose Brow. However, despite our objections, planning permission was granted by the Council on 9th August.


The North West in Bloom judges visited Gateacre on 30th July. The Friends presented them with an illustrated portfolio, describing what had been achieved during the past two years, and a copy of this can be viewed on our website. The Friends are currently planning a couple of Christmas events, as well as looking ahead to 2008. Meetings take place on the 3rd Thursday of each month, the next one being on 20th September at 7.15 pm, in the Conservative Club.

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