A review of our June talk
- by Mary Champion

On Tuesday 3rd June Helen Robinson, who works for the National Museums Liverpool, came to talk to us about the new Museum of Liverpool. It is to be an X-shaped building on the site of the abandoned Cloud project at Mann Island, Pier Head.

Helen asked us for our expectations and the responses from the floor came fast and furious. Here are just a few of them: Maritime history, Kitty Wilkinson, the first Railways, Family life, Architecture, the Western Approaches - and not too much about the Beatles! Other requests were for plenty of hands-on displays (with smells, etc.) - and knowledgeable staff.

Helen's presentation on a screen showed the four main galleries: Port City, Global City, People's City and Creative City, these themes having been decided on two years ago. Building work started in 2007, and the museum is due to open in 2010. The staff are currently preparing the exhibits - and talking to people like former workers from the Overhead Railway. In the Children's Gallery - within the Port City - the initial emphasis will be on clean water. There will also be an A-to-Z of the museum's contents: e.g. I is for Insects. In the Global City there will be a 20 minute film telling the Story of Liverpool. In the People's City there will be a hands-on 'History Detectives' feature. In the Creative City we shall find music, writers, football, the Beatles and a football match.

This brief write-up doesn't really show what a good time we all had! Helen was a knowledgeable speaker and made us laugh a lot. We are looking forward to visiting the Museum as soon as it opens.

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