Some other items from our February Newsletter

Leaf Fall

Autumn has lasted a long time in our part of Liverpool! Only during the last week of January - following a series of complaints to the City Council - were the fallen leaves finally cleared from some of our local pavements and passageways. The recent heavy rain had turned the leaves to a slippery pulp, hazardous to pedestrians on their way to the Belle Vale shops and elsewhere. We are still waiting for a reply to our questions asking how frequently these footways are meant to be swept. 

Members can assist us by reporting any further accumulations of leaves or litter to the Council, either by phone (Liverpool Direct, 233 3001) or via the LCC website (Go to then follow the links: 'Report it' > 'Highways/road problems' > 'Litter').


Several times, over the past few years, we have appealed in the Newsletter for members to put themselves forward for election to the Committee, and to help us with the running of the Society. As those members who attended our A.G.M. last October will be aware, however, we are now almost at 'crisis point' with far too many of our Committee posts left unfilled.

If you (or anyone you know) would like to help us carry out specific tasks like record-keeping, booking speakers, or reporting on correspondence received, or would simply like to take part in our discussions of local environmental matters, the Society's future activities, etc., then please get in touch as soon as possible. Perhaps you (or they) are recently retired, or new to the area or have particular skills or experience which would be useful to us.

Our Committee meetings currently take place on Tuesday evenings, about every 6 weeks, and you will be most welcome to come along to a couple of meetings as an 'observer' if you want to get a better idea of what's involved.

Report it!

ABOVE: Photos of the footpath between Beechurst Road and
Belle Vale Shopping Centre taken on 15 Jan 2008

Gateacre Comp Plans Update

There is still no news of a decision on the proposed housing development on the site of Gateacre Comprehensive School (Application No. 07O/0891, as described in our April 2007 Newsletter). But, more recently, an application (No. 07F/2939) has been submitted to erect exercise equipment for the school's pupils on a new outdoor training area - on the existing green space adjacent to the swimming pool.

We responded to this latest application by asking that, if possible, the new equipment should be located within the area proposed for housebuilding - and, if not, that the restoration of the green space (when the School closes) should be made a condition of any planning permission which may be granted. A decision on this application is expected shortly.

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