Some other items from our May Newsletter

Our 'Awards for All' Project:
A Progress Report

Our series of local history talks, based on over 400 old photographs of Gateacre streets, buildings and people, drew large and appreciative audiences to Gateacre Chapel between February and May. Now we are working on the next phase of the Lottery-funded project, which is a 'lectern style' heritage display board to be installed on the village green, adjacent to the Wilson Memorial Fountain.

This board will contain a brief history of the village, a map, and pictures of some of the more prominent historic buildings. We had to apply for Advertisement Consent (a type of planning permission) from the City Council, and we understand that the Planning Department sent letters to various neighbouring properties inviting the occupiers to comment on our proposal. One of these letters was, it seems, addressed to the bronze bust of Queen Victoria - we wonder whether she was amused to receive it?

Now that we have been given the go-ahead by the Council, we have ordered the board - from a firm in Speke who are leaders in the field, having installed similar boards in historic locations all over the country - and hope to see it in position within the next two months.


Following the publication of our February 2008 Newsletter - and having failed to obtain answers to our questions from the City Council - we submitted a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act. This was the Council's response (a list of the next three dates when various footways were due to be swept):

1. Pedestrian way: Besford Road to Beechurst Road

12/03/08, 19/03/08, 26/03/08.
2. Pedestrian way: Chartmount Way to Gateacre Brow
24/3/08, 21/4/08, 19/05/08.
3. Pedestrian way: Grange Weint to Cuckoo Lane
28/03/08, 25/04/08, 23/05/08.
4. Woolton Road (raised footway on south side): Rosehill Court to Rose Brow
25/03/08, 22/04/08, 20/05/08.
5. Acrefield Road (footway on west side): Glenacres to Rose Brow
25/03/08, 22/04/08, 20/05/08.

We have since been checking to see whether the cleansing is actually being carried out. In at least one case we suspect that it is not; parts of the raised footway alongside Woolton Road are still covered in last autumn's leaf mulch - dangerously slippery when wet.

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