Our next
public meeting:

A talk by
Don Allerston

on Monday
9th November,
7.30 pm, in
Gateacre Chapel, Gateacre Brow,

The recently-announced discovery of a hoard of gold and silver Anglo-Saxon 'war booty', under a field in Staffordshire, has drawn attention to the fact that there is still treasure to be found by those who go looking. Don Allerston will be talking about some of the other interesting finds - coins, jewellery, bars of gold and other valuables - which have been recovered from shipwrecks and elsewhere over the years. Don has made a special study of the subject; he describes his LOST TREASURE talk as 'a bit of fun' and he will be bringing along some objects for us to examine.
ALL WELCOME - Admission Free - Donations invited

Our new book of old photographs:
by Beryl Plent & Mike Chitty

The first copies of this 128-page volume, containing over 200 archive pictures from the Gateacre Society's collection, arrived from the publishers on 1st October. They are selling well, and both we and Grange Lane Stores have already had to re-order. For more details, please see the Gateacre Books
section of our website.

The book is on sale, price £12.99, at Grange Lane Stores (Gateacre) and D Brown Newsagents (Woolton). We understand that Morrisons (Belle Vale) will also have it in stock for a three-week trial period, starting with a 'signing session' from 11am-1pm on Saturday 24th October. And we shall have a table in the main mall of Belle Vale Shopping Centre on Friday 6th November - 10.30am to 4pm - to promote the book (and the Society) ourselves.

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