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Pictures: (Above left) Sir Arthur Bower Forwood, (Centre) The Priory, (Right) Paul Edward Joseph Hemelryk

The Priory was a large Victorian house which stood, until about 1935, on the north side of Woolton Hill Road, where the upper part of Bower Road is today. Its landscaped grounds stretched right down to Woolton Road. Only a pair of sandstone gate-piers survives, though the present-day road name is a reminder of Sir Arthur Bower Forwood (shipowner, M.P., and one-time government Minister) who lived there from about 1880 until his death in 1898. Another prominent resident of The Priory (1910-19) was Mr Paul Edward Joseph Hemelryk, a prominent Liverpool cotton broker who was decorated with honours both by the Pope (for his charitable work) and by the Emperor of Japan (for his work as the Japanese Consul in Liverpool).

During the past few months we have been privileged to escort descendants of both of these men on tours of Gateacre. In May, we were visited by three great-granddaughters of Mr Hemelryk - one from Holland and two from North Wales - who presented us with copies of a photo-album of the old house and it grounds. In September we had a visit from Sir Peter Forwood - the 4th Baronet Forwood of The Priory, Gateacre, in the County of Lancaster, to give him his full title - who lives in Surrey and had never been to Gateacre before. Sir Peter and his wife Lady Forwood had, earlier in the year, kindly presented us with photographs of the house and of various Forwood family members. Some of these pictures arrived just in time to be included in our book, Gateacre & Belle Vale
, where further information can be found.

Reminder to members:
The 35th A.G.M. of the Gateacre Society will be held at 2pm on Sunday 25th October, in Gateacre Chapel. We look forward to seeing you there! As mentioned in the last Newsletter, we are very keen for new Committee Members to come forward; there are plenty of jobs to be done. After the business part of the meeting, Beryl & Mike will be talking about the compilation of 'the book' - and of course copies will be on sale.


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