In last February's Newsletter we reported on the problem of uncollected leaves and litter on various pavements and passageways in Gateacre. This autumn, the same thing happened once again. It is not surprising that large deciduous trees shed lots of leaves in a short space of time; but it seems that the City Council and their contractors are unaware of the existence of such trees alongside some of our busiest pedestrian thoroughfares (Gateacre Brow and Belle Vale Road being the most glaring examples). And if the leaves are not cleared promptly, they turn into a wet, slippery mulch which is hazardous to people walking to and from local bus stops, shops and surgeries. Despite having been reported to the Council in October/November, it was 23rd December before the pavements complained about were properly cleansed. We are still awaiting an explanation of what went wrong.

Local residents can assist us by reporting any further accumulations of leaves or litter to the Council, either by phone (Liverpool Direct, 0151 233 3001) or via the LCC website
(Go to then follow the links:
'Report it' > 'Highways/road problems' > 'Litter').

Report it!

ABOVE: The pavement on the north side of Gateacre Brow, looking uphill from the doctors' surgery -
photo taken on 21 Dec 2008

BELOW: 'Before and After' photographs of Gateacre Brow,
taken on 18 and 24 Dec 2008

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