Some other items from our September Newsletter


The applications for planning permission mentioned in the last Newsletter - for Gateacre Park Shopping Centre, Walnut Cottage and 179 Grange Lane - were approved by the City Council on 29th June, 1st July and 14th June respectively.

The owners of the Bear & Staff have received advertisement consent (ref.11A/1449) for a reduced-size replacement for the existing pole-mounted sign, and they have also removed the large sign adjacent to 10 Gateacre Brow for which consent had previously been refused. Now they have submitted a planning application (11F/1926) to retain the loose slate surfacing in front of the building, and to install two floodlights.

Vodafone Ltd are applying to install a 14 metre high phone mast at a site described as 'Gateacre Brewery Shed, Gateacre Brow'. It turns out that this is the metal-roofed building to the south of Lower Sandfield, adjacent to the Travis Perkins yard. The proposal (ref.11F/1928) is for a 'replica telegraph pole' mast protruding through the roof of the building.

The owners of the former Gateacre Chapel Hall - who have already obtained planning permission to convert the building into 2 dwellings - are now seeking permission to convert it instead into a single dwelling (ref.11F/1878).

The venue of Ron Noon's talk on Sugar (19th September)
is an appropriate one. Henry Tate - pictured on right - lived in Woolton Park in the 1870s and, as a Unitarian, was an active member of Gateacre Chapel. In later life he supported many charitable institutions, and of course today he is remembered as the founder of the Tate Gallery. But that, as they say, is another story!

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