A Painting by Hugh Magenis
Hugh Magenis was an artist who produced watercolours of scenes in and around Liverpool during the 19th century. He was, apparently, a friend of the Wood family (William Kellick Wood, and Rebecca Eliza Wood née Ellison) and painted a picture for them in 1888 showing the corner of Sandfield Road and Gateacre Brow.

The buildings in the picture include Mary Westwick's saddle and harness shop, which was demolished in 1891 to make way for the new 'black-and-white' telephone exchange building which we know today as 28a-d Gateacre Brow. Rebecca had lived as a child at 24 Sandfield Road, and had fond memories of the scene which had been part of her route to and from school.

The watercolour is now owned by the great-granddaughter of William and Rebecca Wood. She is keen to find out more about the couple and their Gateacre ancestry - and would consider selling the painting. Any information about the Wood or Ellison families - or about the artist Hugh Magenis - will be gratefully received.

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