Some other items from our January Newsletter


Vodafone Ltd are appealing against the City Council's refusal of planning permission for a phone mast off Lower Sandfield (projecting through the roof of the so-called 'Gateacre Brewery Shed' - see our last two Newsletters). Previous objection letters, etc., will be taken into account by the Planning Inspector; the deadline for any further comments is 30th January.


The Friends of Gateacre are planning another Clean-up Day on Saturday 11th February, 10am-12.30, in preparation for Gateacre in Bloom 2012. Volunteers welcome. For further details phone 0151 428 3044.


The Belle Vale Prefab Project has published a Calendar for 2012 featuring another selection of photographs from its collection. Copies - as well as copies of the Project's two books Prefab Days and More Prefab Days - are available from the Project (tel. 07570 832294 or 0151-421 0376 for details) or from the Post Office in Belle Vale Road.


A planning application (11PM/2776) has been submitted to demolish all buildings on the site of the former Gateacre Comprehensive School, Grange Lane. Our response was an email to the Council's planning department expressing regret that it is taking so long for the long-term future of the site to be determined, emphasising the importance of retaining its Green Space character following redevelopment, and asking for restrictions to be imposed on noise, dust and vehicle movements during demolition so as to safeguard the interests of local residents.
The official deadline for comments was 28th December, and permission was granted on 16th January. It is anticipated that the demolition work will take place between February and July 2012.

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To view the submitted drawings and other documents relating to Liverpool planning applications, visit the Liverpool Planning Explorer website and enter the relevant reference (e.g. 11PM/2776) into the Application Number box. Then click the 'Search' button. When details of the application appear, click the number, then click 'Related Documents' (at the bottom of the page). To view any of the PDF files listed, right-click on the Document Name and download/save the file in the usual way.

To view the progress of a Planning Appeal, visit the
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(The Case Reference for the Vodafone appeal is
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