As local residents will be aware - from leaflets delivered by Aldi Stores - the layout plans for the Gateacre Park Shopping Centre have been amended. The new proposal (application ref. 13F/1272) is for an Aldi store with a pedestrian access from the rear (Hathaway Close) as well as from Gateacre Park Drive, 3 smaller shop units alongside (one of which could potentially be split into 2 or 3 parts) and a 124 space car park. We have welcomed the new rear access gate - subject to it being locked at night and monitored by CCTV, as proposed - but we have expressed regret at the reduction in the number of shop units. We have also suggested - as we did when the previous plans were submitted in 2011 - that the money proposed to be spent on a bus layby would be better spent on pedestrian refuges (i.e. crossing points) on Gateacre Park Drive, and conversion of the existing zebra to a pelican crossing.

Below: Site layout plan and visuals from the
13F/1272 Design & Access Statement
© COPYRIGHT Aldi Stores UK Limited 2013

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