In 2013 Belle Vale Shopping Centre will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary. As part of the celebrations it has launched the 'Proud of My Roots' Campaign. With the co-operation of the Gateacre Society, Belle Vale Prefab Project, BVNCA, Gateacre School and Lee Valley Theatre, the Centre is searching for local residents, past and present, who have memories they would like to share about Belle Vale's history. The idea is to incorporate some of the reminiscences in a commemorative wall, which will be installed in the centre mall in 2013.

Do you remember what was there before the Shopping Centre was built? Where did you buy your groceries? What school did you go to as a child and what was life like back then? Did you work in the Spam or Jam Factory? Did you live in a Prefab? Do you have memories of Belle Vale during the war? Do you remember the river by Childwall Valley Road? Belle Vale Shopping Centre wants to know!

Anyone with a memory to share can do so by writing it down on an entry form, attaching a suitable photograph and popping it into the box near the passenger lift inside the Centre.

Belle Vale Shopping Centre, October 2012

The Centre manager and the 'Proud of My Roots' display, November 2012

For further information visit the Belle Vale Shopping Centre website
or email Sarah Wood

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