Some other items from our January Newsletter

On 20th November we had a meeting 'on site' with the contractors, City Council officers and Councillor Claire Glare to discuss what can be done about the faded lettering. It seems that standard gold paint was used during the restoration, instead of gold leaf which would have been more durable. The two wooden panels have now been removed by the contractors to enable remedial work to be carried out.

Right: The Belle Vale Road signpost, 24th November 2012, after removal of the panels. See our November 2012 Newsletter for more information.

On 22nd November, Councillor Barbara Mace asked Enterprise Liverpool why the leaves on Gateacre Brow had been allowed to accumulate. She discovered that the road was (as the result of an oversight) NOT included in their Leaf Fall Programme. Enterprise Liverpool apologised for this, cleared the leaves the following day, and have given an assurance that regular inspections will be carried out in future. We know, however, that slippery leaves do still remain in other locations. Please continue to report these - and similar environmental problems - to Liverpool Direct on 0151 233 3001, or online.

Above: Gateacre Brow, 23rd November 2012, 'after sweeping'. See our November 2012 Newsletter for some 'before' photographs.

To report unswept leaves and litter online, use
Liverpool City Council's Report an Issue
web form

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