The Gateacre Society was founded on 23rd October 1974. As a way of celebrating our 40th birthday, we are inviting people to look back over the past 40 years - and also look to the future and how we might help to shape it.

In 2005 there was a lot of publicity after a Time Capsule was discovered during demolition of the Gateacre Hall Hotel. Two teenage boys had hidden a bundle of documents behind a bricked-up doorway, and - when found 120 years later - these gave us a fascinating glimpse into the Gateacre of 1881.

We have therefore decided to create a new Time Capsule, containing information about the Gateacre of 2014. Aldi Stores Ltd are allowing us to bury it within the landscaped area of their new store in Gateacre Park Drive -  the major local construction project of this our 40th birthday year. A plaque will be installed as a permanent reminder of the event.
The Time Capsule and the plaque will have to be in position before the store opening day - 19th June - and we need YOUR HELP. Please write down your thoughts on either - or both - of the following topics:

(a) How Gateacre has changed (for better or worse) between 1974 and 2014.

(b) How Gateacre is going to change between 2014 and 2054. (Be as realistic or as fanciful as you like!).

We shall choose a representative selection of the entries in each category, and enclose them in the Time Capsule. Copies of ALL the entries will be exhibited at our Annual General Meeting on 26th October - and we shall feature some of them in our Newsletter and/or on our website - so please indicate if you do NOT wish your thoughts to be put on public display.

Please include your name, along with whatever information you would like to be recorded for posterity - e.g. your age, address, year of moving to or from Gateacre. Entries may be handwritten (in ink that will not fade) or typed/computer printed - preferably on one side of a single sheet of paper; or emailed to us so that we can print them out ourselves.

We also want personal memories and mementoes - such as family photographs with descriptive captions - recalling events that have taken place in Gateacre during the past 40 years. A selection will be included in the Time Capsule, and the rest exhibited at the A.G.M.

Please send all entries to Mike Chitty, 16 Chartmount Way, Liverpool
L25 5LB - to arrive, if possible, by 31st May 2014. (Items submitted after this date will be too late for inclusion in the Time Capsule, but will still be welcome as part of our A.G.M. display).

To contribute items for the Time Capsule 2014, please use this address

Read our PRESS RELEASE about the Time Capsule, issued 17 June 2014

Read our past Newsletter articles about the Gateacre Hall Hotel time capsule: Sep.2005, Jan.2006, May 2006
View our YouTube video
of the BBC North West Tonight TV interview
broadcast on 7 Nov 2005.

Read the feature article 'Victorian life revealed'
on the
BBC Liverpool website, Dec 2005.

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