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The felling of two large chestnut trees on Gateacre Brow in mid-April prompted a flurry of enquiries as to whether the work had been authorised. All of the mature trees behind the sandstone wall on the north side - which was the original boundary of the Gateacre Grange estate - are covered by Liverpool's very first Tree Preservation Order: 'TPO No.1' which was imposed by the City Council in the 1960s when the houses in Chartmount Way and Gateacre Rise were built.

Normally, any felling or pruning of these trees requires Tree Works Consent (there is an application in at present for the felling of two lime trees at 1 Gateacre Rise - ref. 14T/0649, to which we have objected) but in the case of the two chestnut trees on Gateacre Brow it seems that a different procedure was followed. The Planning Department's tree officer decided to 'exempt' them from the TPO, "due to their poor structural condition (advanced stem decay)" - though he also imposed a replanting requirement for next winter.

Owners of trees covered by a TPO - or situated within the Gateacre Village Conservation Area - should therefore continue to consult the Planning Department (tel. 0151 233 3021) before undertaking ANY tree pruning or felling.

View/download a map showing the boundary of T.P.O. No.1


We understand that almost 200 objections were received by Liverpool City Council to its proposed Traffic Regulation Order for Gateacre Park Drive (see last Newsletter). This 'TRO' is part of the legal process which has to be gone through before any more road humps can be installed. The Council's Traffic & Highways Representation Committee was due to meet on 10th April to consider the objections, and to decide whether or not to confirm the Order, but the meeting was cancelled as the officers' report was not ready in time. Owing to the forthcoming Council elections, the Committee will probably not meet again until July. Our thanks go to those - including all three of our local councillors - who have supported our view that road humps on Gateacre Park Drive are NOT needed.

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the Traffic Regulation Order

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