The contents of our Time Capsule - installed courtesy of Aldi Stores Ltd in June, to celebrate 40 years of the Gateacre Society - will be the subject of a presentation at our A.G.M. on 26th October. They were inspired by the relics that were found in 2005, packed inside a glass bottle, when the Gateacre Hall Hotel was demolished. These had included a local newspaper, a railway timetable, a mail-order clothing catalogue and handwritten notes on some of the local residents and events of 1881; so our 2014 Capsule included a Liverpool Echo, a Merseymart, a Gateacre Journal, bus timetables, and an Aldi Special Offers booklet, along with contributions from local residents (who had been asked to recall happenings during the past 40 years) and from local schoolchildren (whose brief was to write or draw something about their life in 2014, and their ideas about life in the Gateacre of 2054).

A full list of the contents can be found here
, and copies of many of them will be on display at our A.G.M. We were particularly impressed by the drawings and writings on the theme of 'My Life' by pupils of Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School, Belle Vale (Years 5 & 6) - including questions to be answered by anyone opening the Time Capsule in the future (whether in 2054 or beyond).

Right: The plaque unveiled on 19 June 214 outside the new Aldi store, Gateacre Park Drive, Liverpool L25 1PD. It was made by Photocast Products of Speke, Liverpool.

Below right:
The Gateacre Society's Committee members selecting items for inclusion in the Time Capsule, 1 June 2014

Right: The contents of the Time Capsule


Sunday 26th October 2014 is the date of our 40th Annual General Meeting, which takes place at 2pm in Gateacre Chapel, Gateacre Brow, Liverpool L25 3PB. This is intended as a social event, not just a business meeting. It's a chance to meet your neighbours, discuss matters of local concern, and to see and hear a presentation about the Society's 2014 TIME CAPSULE. Complimentary refreshments will be available.

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