To celebrate its 40th birthday, the Gateacre Society decided to create a Time Capsule containing information about present-day Gateacre. Aldi Stores Ltd provided a site within the landscaped area of their new store in Gateacre Park Drive - the major local construction project of 2014 - along with a plaque as a permanent reminder of the event. The Time Capsule was installed in early June. The plaque was unveiled at 7.30 a.m. on Thursday 19th June 2014 by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Erica Kemp. At 8 a.m. she went on to open the new supermarket.

The 2014 Time Capsule contains the following items:

Local daily and weekly newspapers: Liverpool Echo 1 June 2014 and Merseymart 27 May 2014.
Local bi-monthly magazine: The Gateacre Journal, June/July 2014.

Bus timetables for routes 174 and 38 (as at June 2014).

Aldi Special Offers booklet, 1-5 June 2014.

The Gateacre Society's colour tea towel (2012) featuring images of Gateacre Village by Derek Hyamson.

The book 'Gateacre & Belle Vale in Old Photographs' by Beryl Plent and Mike Chitty (2009).

Gateacre Chapel Christmas card by Colin Pyle 2013.
Friends of Gateacre's Gateacre in Bloom Calendar 2008.

Gateacre 'History on Your Doorstep' leaflet (2005).
Belle Vale Prefab Project Calendar 2012.

Belle Vale Shopping Centre's Proud of My Roots leaflet (2013).
Gateacre School prospectus and picture-book history.

Photograph of Mrs Edna Thomas at 100 (2010).

Articles about and personal tributes to Sylvia Lewis, Joan Gadd, Carolyn Sandland and Mary Morgan.

Press reports of past Gateacre Society activities and campaigns: cleaning the bust of Queen Victoria (1992), the Black Bull cobbles saga (1994) and the Heritage Lectern (2008).
Gateacre Society publicity leaflets (1990 & 2014).

Liverpool City Council's Gateacre Village Conservation Area advisory leaflet (1987).

Photograph of the Gateacre Society's 30th birthday celebration (2004) and Minutes of the 20th & 30th Annual General Meetings.

Silver Jubilee pack (1977) including programme of events on Gateacre village green, photograph of tree planting and copy of telegram received from HM The Queen.

Photograph of the Gateacre Society's Chairman presenting the 'most improved frontage' award to Sandra Sandland (1985).

A selection of Gateacre Society Newsletters featuring the 1881 time capsule, the Aldi redevelopment project and other significant local events.

Gwyneth Ferris's reminiscences of the Gateacre Park Drive shopping precinct.

Original drawings and writings on the theme of 'My Life' by pupils of Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School, Belle Vale (Years 5 & 6) - including forecasts of the world of 2054, and questions to be answered by anyone opening the Time Capsule (whether in 2054 or beyond).

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