Our next public meeting:

An illustrated talk
by David Wilson
on Sunday 29th November
at 2.30pm in Gateacre Chapel
Gateacre Brow
L25 3PB

(Please note start time, which is later than previously advertised)

In the mid 19th Century, Liverpool's cotton trade was booming and the railway network was expanding, but the Childwall and Gateacre area was very much rural countryside. There were just a few clusters of houses dotted along a dirt path, and it was along this path (nowadays called Grange Lane) that one particularly wealthy family from Manchester, the Cunninghams, decided to settle down.

David Wilson has written a book entitled 'The Gorsey Cop - 145 years of almost forgotten history', about their house, which he describes as a 'jewel' on the outskirts of Gateacre Village. Most recently known as The Crying Tree Bar and Grill, it remains beautifully intact inside, with many original features showing off the wealth of its original owners. However, the house has been anything but a peaceful place to live. Its stories include the death of the matriarch from gout, at an age enviable by today's standards, to the loss of children as young as 9. The house is reputedly haunted by caring spirits who 'test' new owners for their honesty.

We shall hear about the families who later lived in the building, including the  McKechnies and the Overds. The talk will also cover the running of the businesses (Chez Philippe and Grange Manor), the conversion of the building to a public house, and the building's future.

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ALL WELCOME - Admission free - Donations invited

You can order David Wilson's book (above)
from his
Gorsey Cop History


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