Our next meeting:


An illustrated talk by
Christina Spencer
on Sunday 25th January

at 2 p.m. in Gateacre Chapel,
Gateacre Brow, Liverpool L25 3PB

ALL WELCOME - Admission free Donations invited

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Bibby Line has survived the ups and downs of 19th and 20th century shipping, and has been  linked to all major historical events from the Crimean war to the Iraq war. It is Liverpool's largest and oldest employer in private ownership. Sir Michael Bibby, a sixth-generation Bibby, is the Group's Managing Director.

Bibby Line was founded in 1807 by John Bibby, a farmer's boy who had come to Liverpool to seek employment. In the early 1800s ship-owning was precarious, with dishonest masters, shipwrecks, bad weather, no effective business schedules, pirates - to name just a few of the problems. John set up a very successful second business as a copper smelter. He became a wealthy and highly regarded businessman and an extensive ship and property owner. Originally the Bibby ships sailed to Dublin, but soon business links in the Mediterranean and the Far East were established.

Bibby Line Group today has grown beyond all recognition.  The company's marine activities remain very much at its heart, and it has successfully built a presence in the offshore market operating diving support vessels and floating storage units. The Financial Services business is today the country's fourth largest factoring business and operates globally. The Contract Logistics business, with over 1,000 juggernauts, ranks amongst the top ten Distribution companies in this country.

After more than 200 years, Bibby Line Group still has its Head Office in Liverpool. Christina Spencer joined the company 25 years ago and is today the Group's Archivist. In 2005 the German Government awarded her a Distinguished Service Medal for furthering Anglo German Relations, and in 2008 the Lord Mayor of Liverpool made her an 'Honorary Scouser' for services to the City.

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